Forex Indicators are a vital component while trading in the market. Several forex traders utilise these forex trading indicators regularly to help them understand when they can buy or sell in the currency market. For this reason, every fundamental or technical analyst should be familiar with these forex indicators.

3 Best Forex Indicators for Forex Trading

  1. Bollinger Bands
  2. Momentum
  3. Trendlines

#1. Bollinger Bands  

John Bollinger developed Bollinger Bands in the 1980s to produce trading signals that are responsive to changing market circumstances. They are usually created by drawing a circle around a central moving average with a specified number of standard deviations.

A popular frame of settings for Bollinger Bands consists of drawing lines around a 20-period simple moving average that are two standard deviations apart. Because standard deviations are employed as a measure of market volatility, they provide traders with an indication of the risk associated with taking positions and a signal that an exchange rate movement has been overdone, and is therefore ripe for a reversal in the market.

By using a basic Bollinger Band trading technique, a currency pair can be sold when it trades above the indicator’s upper line. For example, it can be bought when it trades below the indicator’s lower line. By limiting your trades to those in line with the current trend, as shown by the slope of the central moving average, you may optimise your strategy even more.

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#2. Momentum 

Momentum oscillators are among the most ancient types of oscillators. It was brought up for the first time before introducing computer analysis. That is why it is so straightforward.

For example, this is a technical indicator for predicting the currency’s price.

  1. To begin working, you must first log into your client profile and then select the ‘Trade’ option from the left-hand navigation bar. CFDs on currency pairs, equities, and metals are just a few of the many trading instruments available to traders.
  2. Given that all indicators work admirably in trading high-liquid trading instruments such as those indicated in the list of currency pairings, have a look at the ones that stand out. For example, the EURUSD, a central currency pair may be discussed. To view the chart for this pair, select it from the Trade menu by clicking on its card.
  3. To attach the indicator to the price chart, you must first select the ‘Indicators’ tab from the price chart’s top menu bar.
  4. Next, we choose the appropriate indication from many available indicators. We will soon make money trading forex using the renowned Momentum oscillator.
  5. The indicator will display in a new window below the price chart after you have clicked on it in the previous step. It would be best to customise the indicator before you can begin working. To activate the indicator, click on the little arrow to the right of the indicator name.
  6. The options window will appear, allowing you to customise the length of time over which the price movements are averaged (the MA length) and the type of data used to calculate the averages (close, it means the closing prices are analysed). If you don’t modify the Source box, the length will remain 35 characters.
  7. To confirm your activity, press the OK button.
  8. Now that the forex predictor indicator has been configured, it is time to customise its visualisation. You can use the moving average convergence divergence as it is the indicator’s most essential feature. The zero line will be intersected from time to time by the indicator’s curve line, which will result in moving average convergence divergence. It is a buy indication if the curve line breaks the zero line to the upside and a sell signal if it breaks the zero line to the downside. This is a relatively straightforward procedure. Because the zero line is not visible in the default setup, you must add it to the chart using a simple horizontal line that can be found on the drawing panel on the left.
  9. The zero line is now visible, and the signals will be more distinct as a result;
  10. The indication is most likely to produce a purchase signal when it is below the zero line. It would be best to get the trade panel ready in advance of establishing a position. First and foremost, you must choose the position kind.
  11. After that, you establish the trade volume, which is 0.5 lots.
  12. At this point, all you have to do is wait for a purchase signal. There you have it! You can open a buy position when the indicator curve crosses over the zero line to take advantage of this.
  13. Select the Buy option from the trade panel.
  14. An indication of the trade’s intermediate result is displayed instantly in the asset panel located at the bottom. It starts as a negative number because of the commission charged for executing the deal.
  15. You can expect the signal to mark the end of the deal. The signal is the polar opposite of the buy signal (the curve breaks through the zero line on the downside); this is an exit signal.
  16. The signal has been provided, and you can now examine the deal’s outcome. The yield is relatively high at +18.50 USD per dollar invested. In this case, you can gain profit and quit the transaction.
  17. Open the deal on the panel and click the Close button to complete the transaction. That’s it! With the help of an excellent forex time indicator, you can be successful and open several additional profitable trades. You can also use this indicator to determine the direction of your trading plan.

#3. Trendlines

Trendlines are the most basic and often-used technical analysis in the forex trading industry. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most underutilised indications. When the currency price swings in a zigzag pattern yet follows a specific path when seen from a larger perspective, a trend has formed and can be identified. During an uptrend, trendlines connect important lows, and trendlines join significant highs during a downtrend.

Traders are on the lookout for trends that can be used to create trading opportunities. There are three different types of trendlines:

  1. Uptrend (lower lows are higher)

  • Swing at the top of a run and just before the start of a pullback.
  • Swing at the low-end of a retreat and just before the start of a run.
  • This displays the direction of the price movement: higher highs and higher lows, respectively.
  1. The downward trend (lower highs)

  • Swing at the top of a pullback and just before the start of a run.
  • Swing the low-end of a run just before the start of a retreat.
  • Lows and highs are being lowered, which implies a downward price movement.
  1. A tendency that is going in the wrong direction (ranging)

When drawing and comprehending Trendlines, it is critical to keep the following points in mind:

  • A legitimate trendline is formed by two tops (in an uptrend) or two bottoms (in a downtrend), but three tops or bottoms confirm a trendline.
  • An upward trendline becomes less dependable as it becomes steeper.

Trendlines are good indicators for the currency market. Traders can benefit from these forex indicators if they are patient and use them correctly. When trading with trendlines, one crucial trading tip is to purchase during bullish trendlines and sell during bearish trendlines, which is illustrated in the chart below.

Trendlines are a type of support and resistance that can be used. A break in a trendline indicates the beginning of a new trend. Regarding forex trading, trendlines are one of the most valuable indicators.


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