Professional Account

The account, as the name itself signifies, is for the professionals! Since you are a professional in the field, we understand that you have specific requirements that might not be provided by the usual trading accounts. That is precisely why GoDo offers you an account with distinctly competitive trading conditions!
At GoDo, you can get easy access to deep liquidity and that too at institutional-level pricing. You can get access from more than ten Tier 1 liquidity providers. In addition to it, we ensure that your trading experience is further enhanced with the help of advanced order types and ultra-modern management options. And, that’s why you should go for GoDo premiere platforms!

Professional Account

Professional account gives a taste of trading with real funds & insight to the psychology behind the experience, with much lower risk.

Minimum Deposit | $ 10,000

Stop Out Level | 50%

Spreads | From 0.6 pips

Lot Size | 0.01 to 100

Leverage | Up to 100:1

Commission | Zero

Minimum Deposit
| $ 10

Stop Out Level
| 50%

| From 1.4 pips

Lot Size
| 0.01 to 100

| Up to 500:1

| Zero

Advantages of Professional Account

Here are some of the benefits you gain when you opt for a Professional Account.