Cents Account

Cent account is a trading account on which the balance is displayed in cents, and transactions are carried out in cents as well. It means that if you deposit $10, you will have 1000 cents in your account. Trading on the Cent account is low risk. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for Forex novices. Moreover, this type of account can be an attractive option for experienced traders who want to check new strategies.

The Cent account allows people to trade smaller lot sizes and open an account with a lower initial deposit than any other account. To open the Cent account at GoDo, you need to make an initial deposit of $10 only

The Cent account supports the following trading instruments: 40 currency pairs, 2 metals at GoDo, the Cent account is available on MT4 & MT5.

Cents Account

Cents account gives a taste of trading with real funds & insight to the psychology behind the experience, with much lower risk.

Minimum Deposit | $ 10

Stop Out Level | 50%

Spreads | From 1.2 pips

Lot Size | 0.01 to 1

Leverage | Up to 1000:1

Commission | Zero

Minimum Deposit </br>| $ 10

Minimum Deposit
| $ 10

Stop Out Level</br> | 50%

Stop Out Level
| 50%

Spreads</br> | From 1.4 pips

| From 1.4 pips

Lot Size </br>| 0.01 to 100

Lot Size
| 0.01 to 100

Leverage </br>| Up to 500:1

| Up to 500:1

Commission </br> | Zero

| Zero

Advantages of Cents Account

Here are some of the benefits you gain when you opt for a Cents Account.