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Earn Yield from 5% to 12 % per Annum.

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    Steady saving
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    Solid growth
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    Beat the inflation
Please refer to the Yield Account T&C carefully

What are Your

Multiply your USD savings and protect them against inflation

Annual yield rate is 5% to 12% in USD, Higher than in bank

Earn yield daily, Get payouts monthly.

Most liquid, Withdraw at any time.


01 - 120 Days

APY: 5% Yeild


121 - 240 Days

APY: 9% Yeild


241 - 360 Days

APY: 12% Yeild

Deposit Yield

How it


How is the yield calculated?
  • Yield is calculated every day at 22:00 GMT.
  • The basis for yield calculation is Equity at the moment of calculation, i.e. total balances of all Trading accounts plus non-fixed profit, minus non-fixed loss, at the end of the day.
  • Yield isn’t calculated on amounts over $25,000 (Twenty five thousand).
How is yield paid?

Payment of the accrued yield is made in USD automatically once a month, it’ll be made on the first 10 days day of the following month. For example:

  • If the service was activated on  May, payment would be made between 1st  to 10th  June.
How does the company keep my funds?

Our company works with the world’s key banks and is one of the most reliable brokers in the international market.

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