Trading fees & Charges

Withdrawal Fees

For Bank ,Credit & Debit card per withdrawal, a standard fee of 25 USD will be deducted. Please note minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD.

Overnight Charges

Swaps are dependent of position size and the product that is held overnight , you can find a list of our long and short swaps 

in the Trading Products. Swaps are either charged or applied to a trader’s accounts for positions held “Overnight”, meaning after 5PM EST.

Currency Conversion

If your selected account currency differs from your deposit currency or your bank account currency, 

then we will automatically convert your deposit currency using our standard rates, we do not charge any additional conversion fees and there are no markups on currency conversion

Spreads & Commission

We change variable spreads on forex and commodity pairs depending on your account type. 

For indices and shares, we charge a fixed commission fee depending on your account type. You can find more information on our spreads and commissions by visiting our CFD Asset List

Inactivity Fees

Inactive accounts are charged with 10% of the account balance each month, with the minimum amount charged being $25 

or trading account currency equivalent, and the maximum amount charged being $49,90 until the account balance is zero. These charges cover the maintenance/admin expenses of such Inactive Accounts.